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Renting a Waterbirth Tub


Temperature controlled 

Our spa has hard sides and a heater, as well as a cover to keep the water at the temperature you/your midwife requires.  We will provide the chemicals for treating the water if you are using it for hydrotherapy only.  We will instruct you on cleaning/ filling it if you plan to use it for birthing.  Rental fee includes new filters.


We can bring the tub to you, set it up, and instruct you on use.  When you are done with it, we will take it away!

May we recommend someone in your area?

Many midwives offer to bring a birthing tub when they tend you in labor, included in their home birth support services.  While we are happy to rent to you so you can have a tub that can be ready to go for labor's onset, used in pregnancy, and used postpartum, we understand this may be an added expense so we want to make sure you've weighed your options.  Also, it's good to check with your health care provider ahead of time so they know what you're planning and can guide you!

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