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Bring an Open Heart & an Open Mind


Have you been dreaming of becoming a birth doula? Are you currently working in the birth field and wanting to increase your emotional, physical, and informational support skills? Have you been asked to attend a birth and want to learn the basics of providing labor support? Are you fascinated by the amazing power of pregnant people and can’t get enough of the miracle of birth? Your journey begins with this DONA-approved Birth Doula Training. 

The Birth Partner

Read The Birth Partner, Revised-5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Partners, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions: Penny Simkin, 2018 

Black Maternal Health

From Melissa Harley, DONA International President

"In birth and postpartum, black mothers are 3-4x more likely to die than their white counterparts. We know this to be true even when we remove all other quantifying demographics. It doesn't matter the education level, the socioeconomic level, personal health history, or whether someone has a partner or is a single parent. Even when we take that ALL out, we still lose more black moms and babies than we do white.

Doulas, you have a part to play too; you do make a difference!
We know through solid research that doulas improve outcomes for all families, including families of color. This means that as we all look for ways to increase doula support and expand access to doulas for birth and postpartum families, each of you plays an essential role in making a difference."


From Emily Shier, Doula Now

If you are Doula of Color who is committed to and accessible to black parents as a birth doula, you may attend our training for reduced tuition with the code Black Maternal Health

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Instructor reserves the right to reschedule if minimum enrollment is not met, for hazardous travel conditions, or for illness or injury.

Students may transfer registration to the next available workshop with the same instructor, with Instructor's permission. 

Workshop Format

The Birth Doula Workshop is an intensive training workshop, ranging between 2-5 days, depending on location and schedule. A minimum of 16 class hours is required to meet DONA International requirements.  Style is diversified for multiple learning styles and levels; format delivers a balance of current research, anecdotal experience, and hands-on practice.

Topics Covered

Benefits of Labor Support. Prenatal Client Contact & Support, Communication Skills & Cultural Humility, Emotional Support, Physical Comfort Measures, Challenging Labors, Natural Labor & the Impact of Hormones, Supporting Women with Pain Medication, Cesarean & Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Working with Care Providers, Supporting the Newborn & Breastfeeding, Postpartum Client Contact & Support, Resources & Networking, Professional Doula Memberships and Certification Options, Starting a Doula Business: from Volunteer to Private Practice 


Please inquire with instructor for accommodations, including attendance with a baby in arms.

Breaks, Snacks, & Meals

The schedule allows for brief breaks and mealtimes- which are often working meals with short prep breaks.

You want to be a Doula?
Dive in to your calling

 Consider your doula training path

What's your timeline? Now? In the nest few months? In the next several years?

How do you best learn? In person? Online? Books? A combo?

Do you want to become certified? Is doula training a stepping stone to something else like midwifery?  Do you need training for a volunteer position or employment opportunity?

Register for your doula training workshop

The standard training program is DONA International.  You can start with your basic workshop and decide from there if being a doula is where you're at.  We will discuss benefits of certification and re-certification at that time and you can form your individualized timeline.

 Network with your birth professional colleagues & trainer 

Once you're registered for your workshop, you have a trainer and a cohort of training colleagues to network with.  Don't be shy!

 Begin reading, listening, and learning

There is one required text that you bring along to your workshop: The Birth Partner (5th Edition) by Penny Simkin.  You can order a hard copy or an e-book.  Emily also highly recommends Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin.  DONA International has a required reading list that has some awesome suggestions as well and if you are planning to certify as a doula, you will be choosing among these anyway.  You can also check out some amazing blogs, podcasts, websites, and other birth-related literature.

The time is NOW

 Attend some local classes and support groups

Attending a Childbirth Education Series (as a doula student, not as an expectant parent) and a Breastfeeding class in your local community is the best way to learn what preparation opportunities and instructors are available to the families you will be supporting.  It's also a great way to network with your colleagues in the birth support profession. DONA International provides verification paperwork in your certification packet- make sure you reach out to the instructor in advance and be as prepared as you can be!  You can also check out an ICAN, La Leche League, Postpartum Support, Bereavement Support, or other community meeting to learn and share. 


 Go for it! Keep you heart in it and your mind on it!

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