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Twin Placentas

Thinking of saving your placenta?

Placenta Uses & Benefits

The placenta is the sacred organ grown through pregnancy to nourish the baby. 

It is richly infused with nutrients and hormones that give Baby life, a powerful lifeline that can give back.

The placenta has two sides:

  • the maternal side is a porous membrane which during pregnancy connects to the wall of the uterus, allowing the flow of blood and nutrients between mother and baby

  • the baby’s side has a smooth pattern of blood vessels resembling the branches of a tree; the umbilical cord and amniotic sac are connected to this side of the placenta

Hormones & Other Nutrients in Placenta:

  • Oxytocin- known as the love hormone, helps relieve pain, enhances bonding, helps the uterus contract to non-pregnant state

  • TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)- boosts energy & helps to recover from stressful events

Interferon- stimulates the immune system, protects against infection

  • Prostaglandins- stimulates involution of the uterus post birth and acts as an anti-inflammatory

  • Hemoglobin- replenishes iron, which restores energy & prevents anemia, a common postpartum condition

  • Urokinase- reduces bleeding & enhances wound healing

  • Gamma globulin- immune booster to help prevent postpartum infections

  • CRT(Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone)- reduces stress

Reported benefits of placental ingestion/supplementation

  • May enhance milk supply

  • May ease symptoms of Baby Blues and/or postpartum mood disorders 

    • There is a time and place for psychiatric treatment; the placenta can make a positive contribution and can be used in conjunction with other treatments and medications.

  • May expedite healing time and decrease bleeding period for the uterus, vagina and perineal tissue.     

  • May increase energy

Both healthy habits and unhealthy habits are reflected in the placenta. Optimal nutrition can be seen as can habits like nicotine use, for example. Please consider your choice based on your knowledge of your health and nutrition and discuss openly with your chosen health care provider.

Suspected contraindications of placental ingestion

  • Placenta sent for pathological study

  • Improper Storage (not kept cool, Not frozen and not prepared by Day 4)

  • Blood-Borne Illnesses/STDs/Infections:  

    • If you have blood-borne illnesses, chronic viral or bacterial infections, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, or other STDs that one could be infected with through contact with maternal fluids (blood and amniotic fluid), you need to consult with your health care provider on whether placental ingestion is regarded as a safe choice at this time

    • Uterine Infection

      • If you and/or your baby/babies were diagnosed or suspected to have a uterine or amniotic infection (Chorioamnionitis) in or after labor, it is not safe to re-introduce the infected tissue by consuming the placenta; check with your health care provider for advice.

    • Lyme's Disease and C.Diff infections may be reacquired; consult with your Health Care Provider

  • Group Beta Strep (GBS):

    • The presence of a GBS colonization in the pregnant person does not necessarily indicate an active infection that would prohibit encapsulation (Steamed/Traditional Preparation is recommended to err on the side of caution). If the infant has any signs of GBS infection immediately after/within 48 hours of the time of birth, it is not safe for the mother to consume the placenta. For more, see the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA)’s stance on GBS:

  • COVID-19

    • If you are positive for COVID-19 or have tested positive within the last 30 days, encapsulation is not recommended.


Your Choice, Our Work

Placenta Art

One way to commemorate pregnancy and this amazing connection is to make a Tree of Life print.  We prepare a print using non-toxic inks or food-grade dyes and your medium of choice (gallery quality paper, canvas, etc.). 

This makes a unique piece of art!

$275 Encapsulation: Includes picking up the placenta and delivering the finished capsules to your home or location of your choosing

$225 Encapsulation for doula clients

We will take your placenta following your birth and return the finished capsules as soon as possible at our postpartum visit

FREE Partial Fresh Preparation with the rest encapsulated (additional to above), by request


$40 Tree of Life print, by request

Here's the thing about Placenta Preparation: You can do it yourself.  Yep DIY is an option!  


We have trained how to process the placenta to be safely consumed following OSHA standards, sterilized equipment, etc. as a services to others.  


We've studied the placenta and like cooking, we've practiced and gotten skilled at the most efficient process with the best results.  


We simply offer this services because we are birth/postpartum helpers by trade and we know that parents recovering and caring for newborns may not desire to learn or practice this skill, travel with their placenta from their place of birth, and maintain equipment for a project they may only do a few times in their lifespan.


Traditional Chinese Method

Placenta Preparation

If you are on the fence about this- keep your placenta and freeze it. 

You can always decide later and contact us but at least you’ll have it. If you end up not using it, you can plant it in the ground or dispose of it later.


  • Fresh preparation: Some folks choose to have us prepare the placenta into pea-sized frozen bits to mix into juice or fruit smoothies for the first few weeks postpartum. 

  • Placenta Encapsulation: the most popular option.  You ask your care providers to save the placenta after birth & keep it refrigerated until we pick it up for processing. When the process is complete, we deliver your container of capsules to you at home.

  • Partial Fresh/Mostly Encapsulated: Your Preparer saves out a bit for smoothies and encapsulates the rest. The hybrid choice.

  • Just like a Food Preparation/Cooking Service, we can suggest typical preparation methods, but you can also specify your preferences and we will adjust accordingly.  

    • For example, Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) includes steaming the washed placenta in ginger & lemon but some people prefer us to drop the steaming process, include other ingredients (like jalapeño peppers) in the steam, etc.

    • We use standard gelatin-based caps for the capsules but can substitute with gelatin-free (vegan) options

    • We use standard size caps but can substitute with smaller size capsules if you struggle swallowing larger capsules

Services & Fees

Basic Options

Customized Preparation

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