Postpartum  DOULAS

We were both trained through DONA International and we offer combined experience, training, techniques, skills, knowledge, wisdom, availability, and love to those we support.


What we do:

P- prepare parents

A- assess goals & needs

N- nurture mothers

D- during

A- adjustment time with newborn

Supporting Families from Birth through 3 months of age


What we don't do:

We don't babysit. We can assist with care while the parent(s) are at home and we can refer to childcare services when you are ready to utilize these.

We don't transport families; we can accompany you to a healthcare appointment but we do not provide transportation.

We are not housekeepers. We can assist with chores & tidying to lighten the burden during these first weeks, but if you're looking for deep cleaning services, we would refer to a cleaning service. 

Dana Carnine
Emily Shier


  • Certified Postpartum Doula, DONA International



  • Trained Postpartum Doula, DONA International (was certified, has chosen not to maintain certification)

Postpartum Doula Package
  • Free Consultation in Person or over Video Chat/Zoom

  • Optional: Doula attends a Prenatal Visit with you & your healthcare provider (midwife/doctor) or birth doula

  • Referrals to Lactation Education, Parenting Support, Yoga, PT, Centering/Support Groups, Placenta Preparation Services, Photography, and other resources as desired

  • Assistance drafting a Postpartum Plan

  • Postpartum Home Visits


Daytime Hours $30/hr @2, 3, or 4 hour shifts

Nights $300/night 10pm-6am shift

First payment is due at booking,  

Balance is due upon services rendered.

We accept cash, check, PayPal.

We can assist with billing questions if you have a HSA or Flex Spending Account or if you choose to submit doula services through your insurance company.

If hiring doula support creates a financial hardship, please discuss this with us, as we may have helpful suggestions for securing support at a reduced cost.