Emily's Story

I learned how to be a doula from the families who honored me with the privilege of inviting me to support them.


Through my teacher training with Penny Simkin in Mexico, I learned how to train other doulas.


I now spend my professional time doing both!

When not traveling to teach doula workshops, I'm on call for expectant families and very buys raising my own.

-Emily Shier

Advanced Doula

Certified Birth Doula 

Postpartum Doula

Master of Science in Education

Licensed Foster Parent


What's special about me

I am a kind teacher who allows questions and rich discussion.  I am an active doula, doing the work. I model the service of a doula in a way that is inspiring, authentic, and approachable. I am current in practice, evidence, and research.  Your success and happiness on this path is important to me beyond the time we spend together in class.


What's special about DONA International

"For over 25 years, we’ve been setting the global standard for our profession as the first, largest and most respected doula organization in the world. In that time, we’ve certified 13,000 doulas worldwide! We are a nonprofit organization, which means that DONA International works only to serve our doulas and members and to carry out our mission. Our organization exists to support doulas professionally and advance our vision of a doula for every person who wants one." -dona.org

What's special about our workshop

Not only am I a DONA-International trainer and a successful birth doula, I treat our workshop together like the rite of passage that it is! Our retreat-like format parallels, in many ways, the experience of being at a birth.  It is a labor of love, learning, self-exploration, and intimate human interaction.



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