Hiring a Doula

Whether you're in a shock of unexpected realization or years into waiting and wanting.....or anything in between, your doula will show up for you physically, emotionally, and with a wealth of knowledge and ideas to remind you of when you're focusing on the work of labor. People can benefit from the support of a doula whether its their first pregnancy, last pregnancy, high risk, uncomplicated, twins, homebirth, planned Cesarean Section, VBAC, hypnobirth, surrogacy, unmedicated, or medicated....you name it!

Whether your news is “hot off the stick”, you are on the brink of labor, or you are trying to make sense of the baby in your arms, the common thread is birth- an emotional and physical transformation.  The natural response is support.

 What are you waiting for?

The question is not whether to have a doula, but WHO.  And depending on where you live, how pregnant you are, and how much you want to build a relationship with the person who will be supporting you and your team...get going!

Doula Now! Food for Thought

Consider yourself a trendsetter? Progressive? 

Well if you're looking for a doula- you ARE!

Although people are catching the doula wave, you are ahead of the crowd.

Of mothers surveyed, only 6% had a doula, but 75% of those who did not have a doula had heard about doula support and 27% said they would like to have had the support of a doula.  -Listening to Mothers Survey, 2013 See Full Report

1  Doulas are not medical providers

We can be just about everything else!  We take on a lot of roles but be clear that we do not have a medical scope of practice, including giving medical advice.

2  YOU are the mom

It's our job to care for you so you can mother in the way you desire. Doulas have been trained in comfort measures, position changes, best current practice, and emotional support.  We can help guide your birth partner (dad, grandma, auntie included!) and you in an objective and skilled manner.  We don't replace your people. 

3  We are there 100% for YOU

We get to know you, your circle of people, your desires and fears, your preferences and hopes.  We accept unlimited questions and provide information and referrals when needed.  We go on call for you 24/7 in late pregnancy and show up when you need us.  We follow up postpartum after you are no longer under nursing care, focused on you so you can focus on healing.

 Where to look...

Ask your friends, ask your midwife or doctor, and correspond with as many doulas as you care to so you can find one who is a great match.  If credentials are important to you and/or you are seeking to use your Flex Benefits or any insurance reimbursement, you may want to gear your search toward doulas who are certified through DONA International.  They have a search engine for location: https://www.dona.org/what-is-a-doula/find-a-doula/

People still asking you, "Why?"

If you've done a bit of research, you've learned that doulas do lots of things to help and have no harmful side affects.  

Specifically and statistically, having a doula reduces your risk of having a Cesarean Section by 28%, makes you 31% less likely to have Pitocin (ouch) in labor, and 34% less likely to rate your childbirth experience negatively!

And to clear up a few myths.....

1)doulas and doctors can get along beautifully together

2)your doula follows your birth preferences (not her own agenda)

3)you can have a doula and still choose pain medication if you like

4)doulas don't replace dads, moms, grandmas, aunties, or other VIPs

 How  to seal the deal

Most doulas will be up front about what their services include, how much it costs, and how/when payment may be received. In fact, they should be professional and offer you a written or electronic Service Agreement that outlines what they do, what they don't do, what is included, and what you can expect from them.

May we recommend someone in your area?

Being an international doula trainer, Emily Shier may be able to recommend a doula near you! We are happy to make a referral at no cost to you.  Please inquire via email with your name, estimated due date, geographical location, and any preferences or circumstances you'd like to share.

The time is NOW


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