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Harper with her mama

Intentional Breeding vs. "Rescue"

How you grow your family is a very personal choice.  We are a licensed foster family for children- so we absolutely understand the need in this world for safe and loving homes.  When we decided to add a pet to our family we chose to research and select a pure breed known for its temperament from a responsible in-home (non-commercial) breeder with solid credentials.  They bred their dog a few times; we intend to do the same. Our dog is awesome and we wanted her to have the opportunity to be a mama. Breeding is a time-intensive and somewhat costly undertaking; we are not trying to make a profit but would like to recompense our expenses and efforts while ensuring those who adopt our puppies are serious about the investment of their resources and commitment.

Puppies Born May 8-9, 2022
Home July 5th!

Breed: Purebred Golden Retrievers

Registry Name: AKC

Available: Female (Pink Collar + Red Bow)

Born First in the litter!

Dreamworld’s Finn Boyega

Date of Birth: 05/28/2018

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

             Color: Golden Red

Registry Name: AKC

Registration Number: SS05789501

Health Clearances:​ OFA Hips, Animal Genetics, Eyes

Harper Alice Shier

Date of Birth: 11/1/2019

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

               Color: Dark Golden

Registry Name: AKC

Registration Number: SS15105902

Health Clearances:​ OFA Elbows, Hips



Available: Female (Green Collar + Red Bow)

Born Last in the litter!

Here's the Basics

We do not have an application process but we'd like to hear from you if you're interested in adopting a pup.  We expect you to commit to caring for your pet, securing the resources for medical care, food, training, and time.  Golden Retrievers are loyal and social dogs and are happiest near their companions, not living outdoors or left alone for long periods.

Stud fees have been paid in full and we did not agree to a "pick of the litter" contract.  We are charging $1200 per dog, with a $200 deposit to reserve your pick.  Full balance is due upon pickup, once they are at least 8 weeks old.

We will take care of initial veterinary care and first vaccines and communicate with you what is being fed to your puppy, their routine, and general disposition/personality we observe.

Once puppies are born and sex identified, you can claim yours.  

We are happy to arrange lots of visits if you're local! -Emily & Ben Shier & Family


Harper with her forever family

Harper has been raised with toddlers and babies in our home

Minneapolis, MN
Nashville, Tennessee
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